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Norisol Ferrari

Yesterday I had the pleasure of spending the afternoon with one of my favorite womenswear designers, Norisol Ferrari at the Tunnel in Chelsea, New York. The Tunnel used to be a night club that I used to go to pretty much every weekend for the Kurfew parties back when I was I a teenager growing up in New York. The pre-Giuliani club scene was amazing and I loved dancing to trance-techno in cages. The Tunnel is now home to Norisol Ferrari's concept store/showroom. 

Like me, Norisol is a native New Yorker, so naturally I felt an instant connection. We both have strong Latin personalities as well as a love for gold jewelry, all things black, as well as an eagle eye for details. She has long been one of my favorite designers because unlike fast fashion brands, her pieces are impeccably hand-crafted with the finest materials and every detail is thoughtfully designed and respected like a work of art. In every piece you will discover pleasant surprises such as cashmere lined leather, origami-like folds on the elbows of a leather jacket and on the knees of wool pants, darts in unexpected places for contouring the fabric on the body like a glove, or a secret pocket with multiple uses such as turning your jacket into a hand bag. Norisol is a true master of her craft, I can't wait to get my hands some of new her pieces.

Check out her site to get glimpse of Norisol Ferrari's collections or book an appointment visit http://norisolferrari.com/