A Human Obsession With Gold Jewelry

A Human Obsession With Gold Jewelry

Growing up in an Egyptian-Dominican household, I quickly learned that gold is something more than a decorative touch you pull out for special occasions. Looking beyond its value and beauty, the metal represents family legacy. A treasure passed from generation to generation with a special story, each chapter defined by a new owner. Carrying an energy that draws your eye and enriches your skin, it offers a sensory experience for both those walking by and wearing.  

Although a common cultural thread, with a connection over 5,000 years and counting, Ancient Egypt is largely responsible for our current golden obsession. Holding strong spiritual significance, Ancient Egyptians considered gold to be “the skin of the gods” and symbolize eternity. Bringing this belief to life, primary uses included: to build funerary objects, indicate social status and make jewelry, which was often entombed with the dead.


Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra 
Elizabeth Taylor as 'Cleopatra' wearing a beautiful headpiece that inspired the design of the Auset Ring.


Page from Diaboli Kill designer Angie mare's sketchbook

Ancient Egyptian Goddess Isis also known as Auset
From designer Angie Marei's sketchbook of the Auset Ring design. The design was inspired by the circular head piece worn by the Ancient Egyptian goddess Isis (photo above) which symbolizes a thrown. 


Image of the Auset Black Widow Pearl Ring by Diaboli Kill
The 18K Auset Black Widow Ring in black gold with green tsavorite garnets. Design inspired by Auset's head piece.


Inspirational mood board by Angie Marei
Inspirational mood board by Angie Marei 


The Gold Damian Ring inspired by the famous Nefertiti sculpture
Gold Damian Ring Design with Black Onyx Stones . Design inspired by the famous Nefertiti sculpture.


Luxurious Black Gold Alexandria Earrings with black onyx tusks
Alexandria Earrings in Black Gold and with Black Onyx Tusks. Designed to make you feel like ancient royalty.