Altis Avenida Hotel in Lisbon, PortugalThe Altis Avenida is a...

Altis Avenida Hotel in Lisbon, Portugal

The Altis Avenida is a glamourous five-star boutique hotel located in Restauradores Square, in the historic area of Lisbon’s city center. All 68 rooms and 2 suites are designed with a glamourous 1940s art deco design and Portuguese modernism from the time when the building was first built and designed by architect Cristino Silva. The design features gold fixtures and accents, black lacquer walls mixed with cream and black marble. 

The Michelin Star Restaurant & Bar Rossio on the top-floor has a stunning view over the city and is perfect for cocktails and dining on the patio. We really enjoyed having our breakfasts and dinners at Rossio. The food was great and the staff was very attentive. When the evenings became chilly our lovely server, Daniella came quickly with a blanket (and a snuggle) for my three year old son Lucien to keep him warm. Instead of dining at the touristy restaurants in the area we decided to just come back to the hotel because the service was always great and very kid friendly. 

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