Levant Black Gold Necklace and Green Jasper

$450.00 USD

Black gold finished sterling silver diamond cut cable necklace with a hand carved rare Australian Green Jasper bullet pendant with a high gloss finish. 

The name 'Jasper' is believed to originate from ancient Persian origin, meaning "Treasurer", "Keeper of treasure". Green jasper stones have been revered by ancient people and civilizations throughout the world as sacred and powerful stone of protection. Since ancient times, it is believed that through this stone's properties, it allows the wearer spiritual freedom and strengthens their connection to Earth. Wearing this jasper pendant will have you feeling a calming sense of harmony and balance with your inner self and with others. 


• Solid sterling silver finished in black rhodium
• 24" long diamond cut cable chain, 2.3mm
• Pendant measures approximately 1" long 
• Ships in 2-5 days

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