Levant Smoky Quartz Horn Ring in 18K Yellow Gold Vermeil

$395.00 USD $150.00 USD

Levant Horn Ring in yellow gold features two luxurious prism cut smokey quartz gemstones that exude strength and beauty that make this ring a statement piece. 

Smoky Quartz was known as a Stone of Power. To the ancient Druids, it was sacred and signified the potent dark power of Earth gods and goddesses. In other cultures it guided souls to the afterlife, served in shamanistic rituals and tribal ceremonies, and was utilized in magic and scrying to connect with spirits of the lower worlds. Holding Smoky Quartz is believed to relieve tension and stress, anxiety; also to ward off negative thinking, and to eliminate worry and doubt when faced with chaos or confusion. 



• 18k yellow gold vermeil plated sterling silver
• Hand carved smokey quartz
• Ships within 2-5 days
• Handcrafted in New York
• All sales are final




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