• What is white rhodium plating?
    Rhodium is a rare precious metal in the platinum family. When electroplated onto metal jewelry, white rhodium will leave a bright white and reflective finish. 

  • What is black rhodium and black ruthenium plating?
    Black rhodium and black ruthenium also called "black gold" is created by chemically binding dark ink to rhodium. Using this process, dark colors ranging from light gray to almost black can be achieved. Jewelry that is plated with black rhodium or black ruthenium, will have a uniquely dark and shiny reflective finish. 

  • How do I take care of my rhodium plated pieces?
    Black rhodium and black ruthenium plating offer a striking look of "black gold". Although we coat our plated pieces with a clear ceramic finish, the plated coating is still fragile and is not waterproof nor scratch proof, therefore plated jewelry should be kept dry and worn with extra care to help preserve the integrity of the plated surface.

  • How long will rhodium plating last?
    It is important to note that the rhodium plated surface will wear off over time revealing the underlying base metal. The lifespan of the rhodium plating depends on how the piece is worn. Plating will wear off of jewelry worn daily more quickly than a piece that is worn occasionally. If the piece of jewelry rubs on surfaces during normal daily wear such as the bottom of a ring, the plating may wear off revealing some of the base metal underneath. Over time parts of black rhodium plating may wear off to look similar to antiqued finish.

    • Can the rhodium plating be removed? 
      Yes, rhodium plating can be removed with a professional mechanical polish.

    • Can I have my jewelry re-plated with rhodium? 
      Yes. However, the jewelry would be given a professional mechanical polish to remove the old plating before re-plating.